How can you help?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 4th annual #ILLBOK 4 DIFD event!

Important information to know BEFORE signing up!

There is a wide range of areas you can sign up for, the actual event itself is only part of this, preparation to put on this event is equally important to the events overall success.

You can volunteer for areas where there is a low number of hours or you can get VERY involved. We are asking that if you sign up that you are sincerely committed to the hours and tasks for whatever you sign up for.

Youths between 15-17 years old are welcomed to apply for our Host/Hostess positions! All other volunteer opportunities for this festival are for 18+.

Volunteer Benefits:

  • Free access to the event (some restrictions apply) The entertainment we have booked for this event is world class and you will have free admission.

  • There is a huge amount of pride knowing your volunteer contribution helped pull off this amazing event, you have contributed in some way in raising awareness around Youth Mental Health issues and raising funds to support DIFD.

Your volunteer commitment:

  • Read and adhere to the Code of Conduct (will be sent to you)

  • Sign up and commit to the area you are volunteering for.

  • If you are volunteering for the event itself, attend a mandatory, important orientation meeting (the afternoon of Friday June 7th, 2019 the day of the event)

  • All volunteers are to represent and respect the event name, property, entertainers, other volunteers, information and DIFD, in a positive way.

Job Descriptions

Many job descriptions are for “Leaders” however each leader may need their own teams of volunteers to help out with their various areas so if you are interested in any of these areas, but not necessarily as a leader, please do not hesitate to sign up as a “Team Member” in your areas of interest.

Volunteer Leader

Work closely with the all other leaders to understand volunteer requirements. Recruit, and oversee all volunteers ensuring items requiring deadlines are on track and that volunteers are clear on what is expected of them and when, based on what they have signed up for and how much time they have committed to volunteer towards the event. The time commitment for this will be extensive.

Donation Collection Leader

Seekout donations for items for the silent auction. Well connected, outgoing, eager dedicated to the cause and pumped about the event and its purpose. This individual is networked in the community, 100% understands the purpose of the event, the DIFD foundation and willing to talk to anyone/person/ business/ about the possibility of donating silent auction items for this event. You may lead teams of people willing to hit the sidewalk seeking donations. You will sleep okay at night with a 90% rejection rate and will remain positive.The time commitment for this will be extensive.

Donation Collection Team Member

Take direction from Donation Leader. The time commitment for this whatever time you can offer .

Entertainment and Activities Leader

Work with the acts already booked and look for other forms of entertainment for the event.Work with your team of volunteers to meet the entertainers, the day of the event, ensure they are looked after, know what time they are on, and generally ensure they have everything they need. Seek answers to any questions they may have. Manage the “green room” The time commitment for this will be moderate.

Entertainment and Activities Team Member

Take direction from Entertainment & Activities Leader. The time commitment for this whatever time you can offer

Marketing, Promotion and Publicity Team Member

Take direction from Marketing, Promotion & Publicity Leader. The time commitment for this whatever time you can offer. If you like playing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other forms of social media this is a great opportunity and is very flexible with time (do it when you can)

Marketing, Promotion and Publicity Leader

Be the spokesperson for the event the and the message we are seeking to deliver, seek publicity opportunities for TV, Radio, news print advertising etc. Launch an aggressive social media campaign to promote the message, the event and the entertainment booked for the event. Oversee hard copy print creation & distribution of all advertising resources. The time commitment for this will be extensive.

Venue Coordination Leader

Oversee all things venue related including but not limited to lights, sound, security, housekeeping, logistics including payments due and securing liquor licence and insurance. Helping to coordinate set up and tear down.  Addressing logistical issues before during and after the event, work on the layout of the event and ensuring all attendees have great time. The time commitment for this will be moderate. You will know who is who on the volunteer committee and everything about the venue. The time commitment for this will be extensive.

Food and Beverage Leader

Oversee the booking and arrangements for food trucks, VIP catered dinner and  entertainers food. (Green room catering). Work to ensure there is adequate variety of food and beverages. Responsible for recruiting/managing smart serve volunteers and managing their schedules for the event. The time commitment for this will be moderate.

Risk Management Leader

Are you a problem solver? We’re looking for someone to dig into  every aspect possible of this event and ask “what could possibly go wrong?” and then work out backup plans, for every situation you can think of and include scenarios with solutions. The time commitment for this will be extensive.

Tear Down Team Member

Similar to Set Up, but in reverse. The venue must be cleared by 1:00am the night of the event.You will need to be at the venue from 11:30pm to 1:30am, Friday June 7th, 2019 into early Saturday morning.

Set Up Team Member

Assist with set up of the event, silent auction tables, setting up chairs and arranging tables, curtaining position, signage etc. Will be required to potentially lift heavy items. (up to 50lbs) You will need to be at the venue from Noon to 6pm Friday June 7th, 2019.


You will be at the event to ensure those attending are clear on what is happening and be able to answer any questions they may have. You will encourage them to view the silent auction area, point out where certain facilities at the venue may be located, direct them to seating, food areas, beverage areas etc. Positive, outgoing and dedicated to the event and the cause. The time commitment for this will be the day of the event from 5pm to midnight Friday June 7th, 2019 but you will not be stationary and will be encouraged to move around.

Box Office/Ticket Takers

Manage the entrance to the event including scanning tickets, managing bid vouchers, ticket sales for walk-ups/managing cash,  Age of Majority check, event bracelet management. Be able to address any questions around the logistics of the event any attendees may have. Outgoing, positive, customer focused. The time commitment for this will be the day of the event from 5pm to 10:30pm Friday June 7th, 2019

Silent Auction Monitor

You will standing by the silent auction tables to answer questions about how the auction works and any items that may be presented. You will help people bid if they need help or have questions. You will be responsible for taking the bid sheets at the exact time the auction ends to ensure no further bids are submitted after the auction closes. You will guide Silent Auction item winners to the representative who will process the payment transactions. The time commitment for this will be from 5pm to 11:00pm on Friday, June 7th, 2019

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I hereby agree to accept a volunteer position as a volunteer for #ILLBOK 4 DIFD 2019. I agree to comply with all policies, code of conduct, rules and regulations which are established by #ILLBOK 4 DIFD 2019, and I understand that failure to do so may result in my immediate termination as a volunteer. I acknowledge that my services are provided solely on a volunteer basis, without pay or obligated compensation of any kind, and without any liability of any nature on behalf of #ILLBOK 4 DIFD 2019. All services I perform during my volunteer tenure are undertaken at my own risk. I hereby release any causes of action related to my volunteer services, including but not limited to accidents or injuries. *